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5 reasons why divorce in Hungary

When an international marriage breaks down, one of the first questions is usually: where to start the divorce? The divorce conditions can be very different in many countries, and Hungary is often better than many other places. We give five simple reasons why to choose Hungary for your divorce procedure.

1. Fast procedure

Everybody wants to divorce as quickly as possible. But if you take the average length of divorce litigation procedure in Europe, it turns out that there are huge differences, and the litigation can take more years …

However, if you agree with your partner in the five basic questions and start the case in Hungary properly, your case can be done in even 3 months. That is fast, isn’t it?

2. No need to wait

There are some places, for example for example in Finland – but it is more typical in the US – where courts have a so called “cooling off period” or “waiting period”, that makes the procedure quite long. It can be 6 months (Missouri, Montana, Vermont, California), but even 2 years (Pennsylvania).

In these countries you have to wait for a while until the court starts to deal with your case for real. This time is meant to make you think it over again, to make sure you really want to divorce. That’s quite long for doing nothing, right?

But we have a good news for you: Hungary has no such waiting period. Once you properly start the case in Hungary the judge will take real steps to finish the case.

3. No matter whose fault it is

In several countries the divorce is limited to some extra circumstances, especially in Italy, Cyprus or Ireland. In such countries you are able to divorce only if you can prove that your partner committed a crime, cheated on you, has mental illness, disappeared, etc. 

In Hungary, it doesn’t matter if either of you did something wrong, cheated on each other, etc. The only thing you have to prove is that the marriage is over and can’t be fixed. You can ask family members, friends, or your new partner to be a witness, and confirm your statement.

If you can make an agreement with your partner, it’s even more simple. You don’t have to prove anything. All you need to do is to make an agreement, appear at the court together, and tell the judge that you don’t want to be married anymore, because your marriage is broken down.

4. No minimum time for marriage

In some countries you are not allowed to divorce anytime. You must be married for a fixed time, and after that period you can start the divorce. This table shows you how long you must live in a bad marriage before starting your divorce case.

In Hungary you don’t have to wait any time, you can divorce whenever you want. It means that you can file for divorce even on the day following your wedding.

5. No minimum separation

There are some countries where you have to live separated for a minimum time before you start divorce. This period can be from 1 year (Portugal, Lithuania) up to 4 years (Matla, Ireland).

Stay calm, if you already decided to start your divorce case in Hungary. In Hungary you don’t even need to move away from the common flat before starting a divorce.

We hope that you are convinced that Hungary is your place, when you want to divorce quickly and easily!

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